The Future of Interaction
Our platform allows everyone to have a robot and engage with multiple robots confidently. A future when the robots will represent people comfortably.
Connect robotically
Our platform enables people to connect robotically. Using our P2R2R2P model ("Robots in the Middle"). When you want to chat or talk to your friend, you tell your robot and your robot will tell your friend's robot, the robot of your friend will then tell your friend your message.
AI by default
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of the machines to have some level of intelligence to support humans on daily activities. Our platform is built on the AI principles from ground up. Our platform is also built on the concept of small data as against big data.
Train on the go
We make it easy for everyone to have a trainable robot, just as if you are posting on a social media. You can teach your robot anything (text/image/audio) at anytime, or share your robot with friends or connect with multiple robots via their @robotids.
The robots on Aipalbot platform are built on the principles of DNA.
Each robot has a set of chromosomes and genes derived from the training instructions.
Talk to our robot for all of your questions. The future of FAQ.

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