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Free Easy Learning Chatbots for Small Business Owners
It is really amazing that you can have as many chatbots as your use cases or needs on our platform. Each chatbot is created by signing up an account, you will be able to teach your robot with your realtime data or manually.
Multi-robots Chats /Robot group chats
This is a new experience in the modern world, where a person can chat with multiple robots as if they are chatting with friends in a group chat. Every robot on our platform can be connected to via the robot name or identifier.
Easy Way to Document Your Experience by Texts and Multimedia
As humans, we have so much information or knowledge as we grow, learning in school, at work or any other form of learning, informal or formal. Having some automated agent or assistant to document the information and remind us at anytime, anywhere is an important feature.
Turn Your Phone Into A Robot
This is so fascinating, you can turn your phone into a robot that you can talk to or chat with at anytime/anywhere. Every robot on Aipalbot platform has the ability to hear and speak whenever you allow it, and you can stop it from listening or speaking anytime.
Easy Way to Deploy Your Robot into Connected Devices.
We know the future is near, and the new era of tech revolution is going to be Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and augumented/human-machine. Aipalbot is a voice for all IoT devices, you can connect your trained knowledge of your robot to any physical gadget or device.
Frequently Asked Question Redesigned
The future of FAQ is going to be provisioned by AI systems. Our platform provides seamless way for you to train your robot on Aipalbot with your FAQ via URL or CSV or Excel or any text file. This will allow all your FAQ to become a robot that your users can chat with, they are customizable, and whenever users ask your robot on unknown topics, your robot will notify you and you can train it anywhere at anytime.
Robot as Assistant Professor
It is time for lecturers, teachers, instructors and professors to train robots with all their possible questions and answers related to any course material. The robot can engage students in the absence of the Professor on questions related to the course material and answers possible questions that any students may have. Having the ability to attend to unlimited students at the same time. Whatever the students ask the robot and no answer is provided by the robot, the robot sends a notification to the Professor, so he/she can train the robot on the go.
Group discussion with the Robots
Have your ever imagined a future where each student trains a robot while in the college? The future is now, when you can teach your robot while receiving lectures in the school, and you can share your robot with your friends for group discussions or chat with all your friends robots before your exams. Similar to group chatting with the real friends, but in this case, the cloned copies of your friends knowledge on the course material. Everyone has the opportunity to give a robot a name @id, share with friends or connect with friends robots via the @ids.
Seamless Integration of Your APIs & Microservices
You can easily integrate any third-party APIs & Microservices or Automated scheduled tasks to train your robots. Such as your customer service data, self-provisioned data, transaction data, e-commerce or ML trained model.

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